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Bloomfield blog

Mike Bloomfield Guitar Techniques

Al Kooper's Birthday Bash

A tab of Mike Bloomfield's solo on "East-West"

Four-part radio program on Mike Bloomfield

Photo courtesy of  Elliott Landy

"Michael Bloomfield: If You Love These Blues," by Jan Mark Wolkin & Bill Keenom

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Michael Bloomfield Features


Here you'll find a number of items of special interest to Mike Bloomfield fans. Check back frequently as we expect to add to this list. Contributors are encouraged to contact us.

The Bloomfield Chronicles Blog

Check out our new blog on all things related to Michael Bloomfield. Brother Allen Bloomfield answers your questions and shares his memories of Mike's early days.


Al Kooper's Birthday Bash

Allen Bloomfield attended a birthday celebration for Al's 65th!  He presented the      Bloomfield signature guitar to Jimmy Vivino for a stunning performance at BB King's!

A Visit to Bloomers

We stop by Bloomers: An American Bistro, a marvelous new restaurant near Saratoga, NY that is dedicated to the memory of Michael Bloomfield. It also features world class cuisine!

Guitar tab of Michael Bloomfield's "East-West"

David Beardsell has expanded his analysis of "East-West" to include a transcription of Michael's opening improvisation. Guitarists can now study his groundbreaking performance by recreating his famous solo. The tab is in printable pdf form.


An Interview with Allen Bloomfield

David Dann chats with Allen about the early days with brother Michael, his early influences and his relationship with his father, Harold Bloomfield.


The Bloomfield Family Chronicles

A loving family memoir about Michael's early days, complete with photos.


The Ford Brothers on Michael Bloomfield

Robben, Patrick and Mark Ford were all inspired by the music of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and its featured soloist, Mike Bloomfield. Here they talk about that influence and about the tribute they performed at the San Francisco Blues Festival.


Notes on "Super Session" and "The Lost Concert Tapes"

Liner notes, comments, press releases and reviews of two "Super Session" releases.

Michael demonstrates his fire-breathing trick, a stunt he often performed while playing "East-West" with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1966.

Photo courtesy of

Deborah Chesher