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Mike Bloomfield Guitar Techniques

Al Kooper's Birthday Bash

A tab of Mike Bloomfield's solo on "East-West"

Four-part radio program on Mike Bloomfield

Photo courtesy of  Elliott Landy, C

"Michael Bloomfield: If You Love These Blues," by Jan Mark Wolkin & Bill Keenom

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Bloomfield fans have long awaited a box and/or a film documentary. It's official - we now have both!! Sony Legacy Recordings, along with Bob Sarles of Ravin' Films, has released 'From His Head to His Heart to his Hands. 3-cd's and a dvd,  'Sweet Blues:A Film about Michael Bloomfield'.  Extensive liner notes by Michael Simmons and lots of great pictures. We couldn't be more pleased!

Michael demonstrates his fire-breathing trick, a stunt he often performed while playing "East-West" with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1966.

Photo courtesy of

Deborah Chesher

This web site is an ongoing project by family, friends and fans of Michael Bloomfield. Whether you are a long time fan of Michael's, or just discovering his tremendous catalog of music for the first time, we hope you'll find something on this web site that you will enjoy. 

Come back often, join our mailing list, send us your comments, memories and ideas. You keep Michael's memory alive by listening to his music and sharing your thoughts.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited or contributed to making this site a living memory to my brother. I regret not having the ability to put into words our profound appreciation. To know that my brother's life has affected so many is very gratifying. Although Michael has been gone for many years, his presence is still perceptible, his energy continues to burn so brightly. How amazing is that? I welcome you to post any questions you may have wondered about regarding Michael and I will do my utmost to answer them.

Allen Bloomfield, January 2003


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