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A tab of Mike Bloomfield's solo on "East-West"

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Photo courtesy of  Elliott Landy

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A Gallery of Mike Bloomfield Photos Page 1

These images, submitted by friends and fans, capture Michael Bloomfield at various stages in his career. We at www.mikebloomfield.com are always looking for new photos of Mike and welcome your contributions to the site.

Michael demonstrates his fire-breathing trick, a stunt he often performed while playing "East-West" with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1966.

Photo courtesy of

Deborah Chesher

Here is Michael Bloomfield's first band, The Group, at their December 7, 1964 Columbia recording session directed by John Hammond Sr. From the left are guitarist Mike "Gap" Johnson, bassist Sid Warner, pianist Brian Friedman, drummer Norm Mayell, Michael and harpist Charlie Musselwhite. These pictures were taken by photographer and film maker Mike Shea (creator of the Maxwell Street documentary "This Is Free"). They come courtesy of discographer Rene' Aagaard and Mike Shea's son, Patrick Shea. Nearly 400 (yes, four hundred!) pictures were taken.


(click to enlarge)




More from the Columbia recording session on Page 3



The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at The Newport Folk Festival, July 1965  Photos courtesy of Ed Grazda


Michael performing with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at Big John's in Chicago in the summer of 1966. Elvin Bishop is behind him.  Photo courtesy of Michael Sokol


The Electric Flag from left are Nick Gravenites, Marcus Doubleday, Mike Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Buddy Miles,  Barry Goldberg, Peter Strazza


The fabulous Electric Flag at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1967.  From left are Michael, Buddy Miles, Harvey Brooks and Peter Strazza.  Photos courtesy of David Garcia





An outdoor concert on Easter Sunday, March 29, 1970, in Mill Valley, California.  Michael Bloomfield on guitar, John Kahn on bass and Buddy Miles on drums. The show was produced by Ron Polte.  Photos courtesy of Dave Glass


Truckin' on down Carmelita Street: Michael strikes a pose in 1970 in front of his San Francisco home immortalized in the tune "Carmelita Skiffle." Photo courtesy of Peter Amft



Michael Bloomfield & Friends played a 3-night gig at Tulagi's in Boulder, Colorado in August, 1973.   Photograph by William Lulow

Mike Bloomfield & Friends, the opening band at the first Butterfield Blues Band reunion, at Winterland

on February 23, 1973.                 Photos courtesy of Tom Wood



Mike Bloomfield and Mark Naftalin performing at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, probably on December 13, 1973. Photos courtesy of Bob Andres



Mike Bloomfield soloing on stage, above, with vocalist Nick Gravenites and bassist Roger "Jellyroll" Troy, probably with the reunited Electric Flag in the fall of 1974. At left, he works out on his famed 1959 Les Paul sunburst guitar, an instrument that he abandoned in Canada, probably not too long after these pictures were taken.

Photos courtesy of Michael Hodgkiss




Mike plays his black Fender Stratocaster during a set with Michael Bloomfield & Friends at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, a neighborhood bar that was a favorite place to perform in 1976 and '77. Photos courtesy of Bob Andres


A small club in Los Angeles in March, 1976, Mike's passion bursting through every frame!  Photos courtesy of David Jacobs

This montage, also courtesy of David Jacobs, shows a color shot from the gig mentioned above. The face parade is from a gig at the Homer Hesterly Armory in Tampa, Florida, on April 5, 1974.

Mike performs with Michael Bloomfield & Friends at McLaren Park during the San Francisco Blues Festival on August 8, 1976. Doug Kilmer is the bassist; an obscured Bob Jones is playing drums and Ira Kamin is on piano.

In the mid- to late '70s, Michael was as likely to perform on acoustic guitar and piano as he was to play his Stratocaster. Here he plays a solo number on piano during the San Francisco Blues Festival. Photos courtesy of Leonard Trupin


Michael played an acoustic and piano solo gig for 2 sold out shows at W.O.W. Hall in Eugene, Oregon on September 3, 1976.  The Bill Rhoades Blues Band, also on the bill, backs Michael here for some electric blues. The Bill Rhoades Blues Band is Mike Martin on drums, Chris Porter on bass, Rod Kesey on guitar and Bill Roades on harmonica.   Photo by Bob Biesser courtesy of Bill Rhoades


Count Talent & the Originals were (from left) Mark Naftalin, Soma Marshall, Michael, Bob Jones, Dave Shorey. This is one of several gigs played at The Full Moon Saloon on Haight St in San Francisco in the late 70's.       Photo courtesy of Bob Jones         


Mike Bloomfield & Friends, January 1979 in Montreal, possibly the Campus Cafe.  Pictured are Michael on acoustic, Dave Shorey on bass and Bob Jones wailing on drums.   Photos by Louise Laberge courtesy of Bob Jones


 Michael poses with young friend, Reevan Trupin, in 1980. Photo courtesy of Reevan Trupin



Michael, on a summer tour of Italy in 1980, relaxing in Pisa. Photos courtesy of Marco Bonino